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“Mountains are calling and I must go.”

Mountains help you replenish, rejuvenate and rejoice your tired soul. The beauty which emanates from the lofty snow-capped mountains of Himalayas is a panoramic sight which gets etched so deeply into your mind that it stays entrenched there for an eternity. The serene and tranquil decorum, engulfing the mighty peaks imparts a sense of joy so profound that the entire experience becomes a bundle of pure, simple, unadulterated joy. Every man should pull a boat over a mountain at least once in his lifetime, and if the mountains are the mighty Himalayas, then the revelations are infinitely more impact. The beautiful town of Mukteshwar lies on the majestic and high mountains of Kumaon located at a distance of 51 kms from the city of Nainital in the beautiful state of Uttrakhand. An ancient town, this town breathes the very essence of the serene untouched mountains. The weather soothes and caresses you all round the year without fail. The temperature is guaranteed low both during both summers and winters, in a pleasing way and thus very ideal for Mukteshwar holiday package, family picnics, and office and college outgoings.

Among the many hotels in the peaceful town of Mukteshwar, Club 10 pine lodge holds a place of Great prestige. The lodge boasts of an impressive location with a great view of the forests surrounding Mukteshwar. Club 10 pine lodge offer exceptional scenic independent hotel in Mukteshwar which can cater to most of your vacation’s requirement.

If amazing Muketeshwar cottages are in your mind when you were searching a holiday in the Himalayas, then your search stops at Club 10 pine resort. Be it for parties or family outings, club 10 pine lodge can accommodate and host it all. Club 10 Pine Lodge, the crown jewel of lodges in Mukteshwar, offers a matchless vista of the Kumaon valley and all the enchantingly beautiful forests covering them. The first thing that welcomes your sight every morning as you open the drapes of your room is the breath taking view of the Valley. With sunshine dancing over it, the beautiful Valley view is a feast for the eyes. The air is pristine and clean. New life will be absorbed in you once you breathe in the oxygen enriched air of Mukteshwar which is devoid of all the malice that polluted city air holds.

A Mukteshwar holiday package is all you need to connect to the wild in a poetic Way. At Club 10 pine lodge we assist you in every way to reconnect with Mother Nature. Umpteen numbers of activities can be performed in the vicinity of this place. For nature enthusiasts who crave for the intricacies of Nature, there are superior waterfalls located at a distance which can be very easily covered on foot. The waterfalls also act ideal locations for weekend outings with your family and friends. For people who have panache for local culture, there are concept villages which are within walking distance from the lodge. Tourists can experience the beauty of the rustic way of life practiced by the natives of this beautiful place. These concept villages provide a valuable insight to the city dwellers about the traditions and heritage of the people living in these mountains over several centuries. Be a part of many ancient rituals and a way of life that is not just simple but also holistic and intensely satisfying, something many of us miss out in our busy city life. Even adrenaline rush seekers have something to look forward to here. There are challenging trekking spots in and around the lodge in Mukteshwar. Vacationers can even take nature walks around the place and explore the beauty of the hill station with their loved ones on their own. So grab your adventure cap and plan a Mukteshwar Tour in Club 10 pine lodge.

If you have a green thumb, and are craving to dig your fingers into some good old Earth, the farms in Mukteshwar are the way to go for you. If you have never had farming or even gardening experience before, this is the perfect spot for you to begin with. There are farms which grow vegetables which are endemic to the mountainous regions of Kumaon. These farms are regularly frequented by tourists who have affinity towards horticulture. There are wonderful orchids in which families can laze around in cold afternoons and have quality time together. Mukteshwar is very famous for its orchards too. Apples orchards of Mukteshwar are wildly famous. Apart from apples, peach, pears, Apricots, Citrus fruits, Kafal, Strawberry and Hill Bananas are grown in the hilly tracks of Mukteshwar.

To see where it all begins, before fruits and vegetables reach us packaged at super markets is a once in a lifetime experience. It truly inculcates a great respect for the farmers and planters who put their all in the creation of such beautiful produce. The place is magical in itself. A lot of great things can happen in this peaceful town of Mukteshwar. There is something for everyone here. Be it a newlywed couple on their honeymoon, or lovebirds on the second honeymoon; be it a family outing or a bunch of friends or be it a soul searching solo trip, a holiday at Mukteshwar will help you reconnect with your inner self once more. From appreciating simplistic pleasures like planting a plant or trekking through the chilly mountainous wind, we at the Club 10 Pine Lodge at Muktehswar aim at giving you an experience of a lifetime. With different tour packages like the family tour package, we can customize programs according to your convenience, budget and duration of stay. We shall give you a completely rejuvenating experience that is shielded from the busy, noisy city life. Pre booking with us at the Club 10 Pine Lodge, Mukteshwar, and this summer will ensure your stay once the holiday rush begins. So this year, step off the road a bit and wander into the town of Mukteshwar with your friends and family.

Weather in Mukteshwar

Winters are colder in day & night, needed heavy woolen clothes whereas Summers are little hot & nights are cool needed light woolen clothes. NO A/C required in our property, only wall fans just for show piece.