Mukteshwar – Nature’s Own Oasis To Enlighten

Mukteshwar Overview:

What is more beautiful; the ocean or the mountain? A mediocre mind would indulge in comparisons applying its own logic. The one who values nature feels the beauty, senses the warmth of ice and the frore of the sweatdrops would merely absorb and get absorbed by the chasm of macrocosm without worrying about accommodation in cottages in Mukteshwar. Those who apply their brain would seek the heaven after life, one who has the heart in the right place would find his own heaven right here, in Mukteshwar. This is the place that invites you to overcome the overbearing of the mind witnessing icy mountains, frozen lakes, nipping trees, lush fields, muddy houses, rock-steady riverines and vivacious life dancing on the natural cascade. Beauty is not everyone’s bailiwick, to become a beholder, one ought to aspire for the seraphic stimulant. Mukteshwar is one such invite one must accept once in a lifetime.

Morning in Mukteshwar
Witness the stoic silence of Himalayas and melt into the snow those mountains accumulate. Mukteshwar finds its identity atop Kumaon Hills facing white mountain spread of Himalayas. At 2300 meters from the sea level, the tiny town is captured by the mountain peaks of Nanda Devi, Pancholi, and Chaukhamba.
Call it piercing or penetrating, the gust blazes through your senses. The sun, which may be a curse in Delhi during summers turns blessings in Mukteshwar. There are many who hate winters, but Mukteshwar weather will definitely make you fall in love with whipping wind under the auspicious moonlight in front of the fire.
The Himalayas are everywhere, why Mukteshwar? Are there hotels in Mukteshwar? You may here such scrupulous voices. Make them stand in from of kaleidoscopic beauty flower valleys, green fields, colorful landscaping, and the mystic beauty of jungles. And if this scenic and celestial experience do not appeal to your common sense, just stand in open with hands spread-across to witness the snowfall. You will forget to ask the questions, however, your brains are yet to befriedigend.

Mukteshwar itself is nothing less than a sight to submerge into. Every corner of this hilltop town is a place to instill in your memories. Each aspect of Mukteshwar imbibes in your memory to splash senses through the mundane. However, there are specific places you should never miss while being in Mukteshwar.

Mukteshwar temple

Adrenaline-driven actions or Serotonin-driven calm – Mukteshwar Temple stores every facet that appeals humans. You are at one of the most sacred places in Mukteshwar. The 350-years old temple has not only been the centre of faith, but also the centre of attraction. Dedicated to the lord Shiva, the Mukteshwar Temple gives a panoramic views of Nanda Devi Mountain peak and the entire Himalayan landscape.
Try to discover the inner self through the means of meditation, or give up yourself to the blood rush of tracking, rafting, and rock climbing. The abundance of faith, trust, tranquility, and self – Mukteshwar Temple is the core to the town and travellers alike.

Chauli ki Jali

Wherever you will find the nature, you will find art in alignment of the nature without doubts. Breathtaking beauty of Mukteshwar finds its artistic character in Chauthi Ki Jaali. Situated right on the top of the cliff, magnificence of Kumaon valley comes right into your embrace. Each rock instilled has its own mythological anecdote attached.
Besides superstitions related to pregnant women, the Jali is the perfect location to indulge into mountain climbing and rappelling. More fun-loving youth visit this place instead of those seeking blessings of motherhood.
Indian Veterinary Research Institute  Flowers, fragrance, fluorescence, and flush – when all combines in one creative way, it becomes Indian Veterinary Research Institute. One of the tallest example of veterinary science in India, the institute is encompassed by flora and fauna. Not only researchers, but travelers throng the research center for is aurora and beauty.

Rajrani Temple:
The absorbing beauty is alway blissful if one knows how to immerse and get rid in time. Rajarani Temple, situated right in the middle of the paddy fields is believed to be one of the most exciting locations in Mukteshwar. The temple was built in the 11th century carving hundreds of stones into amazing dancing postures and expressions of female dancers.

Once the cantonment of British Army, Ramgarh is a small town just by the sides of Mukteshwar. Known for its orchid gardens, Ramgarh is famous for meditation activities and spellbound snow clad Himalayan ranges. Missing Dadi Point in Ramgarh would be missing a lifetime experience. Not to forget, Mahadevi Verma got her inspiration for Lachma in Ramgarh only.
Nathuakhan: Nathuakhan is a sector of the village Ramgarh, near Mukteshwar. Traveling to Nathuakhan, you will witness the sun-kissed and alluring mountain ranges, the view which will leave you mesmerized for days. Circumferenced with oak, birch, pine, and kaphal trees, Nathuakhan. Wooden cottages right in the eyes of the Himalayan beauty would through in a wonderland immediately.

5 Things To Do:
A quaint hill town, Mukteshwar surrounds itself with the snow laden Himalayan ranges. With the jaw dropping views, the captivating ambiance, and the enchanting weather- Mukteshwar will leave you speechless and spellbound with the gorgeous beauty of the city. The hill station treats you with innumerable places which brings you ecstatic feels.
Indeed, Mukteshwar, being a hilly town gives you the adrenaline rush and offers you to indulge into numerous adventurous sports. Having said that, Mukteshwar is a great hangout place, perfect for the weekend getaways. A place when you can elope with your gang or your family and spend the best of times.
Other than clicking pictures on the charismatic backgrounds and enjoying the serene beauty of the town, there are a hell lot of things that can be done, when in Mukteshwar.

Trekking: No trip to Mukteshwar would be complete without trekking. Mukteshwar is blessed with lush greenery and amazing topography, which makes trekking in Mukteshwar a super fun thing to do. Carry your bag on shoulders, fill your water bottles, sport on your trekking shoes and walk in the unknown trails of Mukteshwar. There are many popular treks in Mukteshwar like – Peora to Mukteshwar and Binsar to Artola trek to name a few.

Paragliding: No view is a beautiful as the “bird eye view”. If you always wanted to do something exhilarating and adventurous, you should surely try paragliding, this will be a one hell of the experience and the exceptional beauty of nature that you will witness form the top angle, will be an experience of another level. There are several different packages available, sometimes paragliding are included in it while you can also opt for only paragliding too!

Not to Miss the Sunset and Sunrise: How does it sound, “I went to a hill station and did not witness the sunset.” I would answer, “Are you kidding me?” Mukteshwar is one of the towns that has hills which offers you with exceptional experience of sunrise. Walk yourself amidst the lushy green forest, towards the view point and witness an orange sun rising from the hills and spreading its rays on each hill.

Visit The Old-Age Temples: India is a country, where you have thousands of Gods to worship. When in Mukteshwar you are blessed to have the blessings of Pahari Gods. Building special charm about Mukteshwar temples would be wrong. Since there is no special about the architecture. However, the mountain temples have the old-age temples and are popular among the local tourists.

Shopping: Do I have to mention this specifically? I guess no. However, shopping in Mukteshwar cannot be missed if you are a keen lover of handicrafts. Woolen knits and handmade items are the most popular stuffs to stuff your bags with.
Special Attractions:
Every city you travel to, as a tourist, you never want to miss the special attractions. Especially for a weekend getaway, people select a few special ones and then plan their itinerary. Now, next time you are planning to leave your footprints on the hills of Mukteshwar, be sure you do make a visit to the 3 special attractions of Mukteshwar.
Wildrift Adventures:

Few places in India offer the wildest of adventure trips. Mukteshwar is one of them, offering every traveler with exciting sports to have fun. From trekking to camping to rock climbing- Mukteshwar is all about to enjoy the adventures of the foreign land.

Bhalu gaad waterfalls: Beautiful is the view of water falling between the rocks of the mountains. Sparkling water falling in the pond is a view not to be missed. Also, do not miss clicking pictures on the gorgeous backdrop.

• Chocohouse Chocolatiers:To every Chocolate lover, you should not miss the chocohouse chocolatiers in Mukteshwar. They treat you with special chocolates, with flavors ranging from hazelnut to alcohol tastes.

Distance of the Property:
If not camping in Mukteshwar, you should stay at a Cottage in Mukteshwar. The popular ones includes, Club 10 Pine Lodge. With the best reviews from the customers, we provide you with the best home stay. When you decide to lodge at a Boutique Hotel, you are treated with the serene view of the quaint hill town.
The club 10 pine lodge has the main attractions and necessary points at its periphery. The gorgeous town lies on the high mountains of Kumaon and is located at a distance of 21 kms from Nainital. The cottage is just 5 kilometres away from the city centre, 52 km away from the Pantnagar Airport.

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