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Anirudh Singh

Anirudh Singh is a passionate Blogger and the man behind Amazing India Blog. He writes about wide range of topics but loves to write Travel Related Articles including Nature & Wildlife, Art & Culture, Adventure and a lot more. Not only that, he is the most viewed writer on Quora in Indian Passports, Aadhaar Number (UIDAI), PAN Card, Birth Certificates & Voter Identification Laws. Formally instructed as an engineer from GH Raisoni College of Engineering, Nagpur. He worked with HCL Technologies for around two years previously leaving the place of employment and wander out something of his own.

Mohit Aggarwal

Mohit Agarwal is the face behind Jaunting Journeys, a travel blog where he shares everything about his regular jaunts to those long vacations. The zest for travel and travel blogging was long residing in his heart but only until he graduated. Once a seed, travel blogging was now budding up and then came a day when he hit the publish button and Jaunting Journeys received its first post. Mohit has spent his life in a town on the foothills of Himalayas and a gateway to Kumaon region of Uttarakhand. Mountains, and sunsets are his childhood buddies and that’s what makes him to be pivoted to his hometown. As a civil engineer, architectural and engineering wonders are his second love next to the god gifted serenity. He calls himself a spur of the moment traveller and prefers slow travelling instead of gushing out to visit every place on list. In fact he has no list and is more of a spontaneous traveller.

Suruchi & Tashi

Suruchi & Tashi are the passionate travellers and the face behind AllGudThings blog. They write on travel and lifestyle topics, covering, destinations in details, property reviews, adventures, local stories and a lot more. Recently they have been featured as “The known couple travel bloggers” by e -magazine along with other fellow travellers. They usually don’t plan their trips and are the good opportunity seekers. They live to travel. Formally Suruchi was heading a well pathology diagnostics chain but she left her job to pursue her dreams. Tashi a lighting designer & controls professional; loves to illuminate every space creatively and beautifully. You can find them and their stories at

Sahil Singh

Hailing from Delhi, Sahil Singh is an avid Indian travel blogger who aims to inspire people with his tales of wanderlust at Ghoomakad. This happy-go-lucky guy is badly bitten by a travel bug. Apart from sharing his unforgettable travel experiences, he also finds his interest in street theatre, arts and Hindu mythology. After graduating in B.Tech (IT), he earlier worked as a digital marketing person at a leading holiday rental company in Gurgaon. Voluntarily associated with environmental causes, Sahil strongly believes in responsible travel. He is deeply in love with the mighty Himalayas and focuses more on travelling under budget. Sahil also works as a freelance travel writer and trip-coordinator at various eco-tourism companies located in Delhi. He really likes meeting new people, learning new things, and taking a break from this mundane lifestyle. His beautifully maintained Instagram handle will surely force you to quit your job and just head out to see what life has to offer!

Shivani Sharma

Shivani sharma is a blogger and social media influencer with a demonstrated history of working in content writing and social media industry.She is currently a medical student and a medical content writer for a firm apart from being a blogger who covers travel, observation, entertainment, health, food and lifestyle


I am Vivek, an IT professional currently associated with a reputed multinational company. I am a leisure traveler and have a keen interest in exploring places. My Interest in travelling started during my college days and it amplified with my professional life. During these years I have travelled a lot around the globe as a lone wanderer and in groups. My inclination towards writing lead me to contribute to some of the travel blogs where I could share my experiences with others and let the world know, what it feels to be a travelling. Over the years I decided to have a platform where I can share my experiences on my own blog, this idea was formulated with some of my friends and thus Ghoomleyaar was established. I thank all my team members, readers, followers & contributors for making this blog a success and also wish you all a Happy Travelling.

Himanshu Nagpal

I travel, I click, I write, whenever I get an opportunity to. I work in a corporate world and spend Monday to Friday at my desk working to earn enough to live my travel dreams. Calling myself a traveler won't be appropriate but I continue to explore as much as I can and I try being a traveler.


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